surrounded: Foggy Landscape with Bridges in Chongqing, China - 2019

Chongqing is known as the biggest city in the world. The city was extended just 40 years ago and is now a similar size than the whole area of Austria itself. Subsidized and precisely planned, the city develops at dashing speed. This planned city with a long traditional background was put into the middle of a mountain pass. Crossed by two rivers, the Jialing and the Yangtze, heavy layers of fog form almost throughout the year, into which the new cityscape with hundreds of high-rise buildings blends perfectly.

"Rather, Albano succeeds in creating an atmospheric image of the city in almost monochromatic color.", Anne-Marie Beckmann, Curator of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation (2020). It seems that the city is surrounded by fog, rivers, mountains and in addition in the geographical center of the “empire of the middle”.

This series is part of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Collection since 2021.

surrounded: Foggy Landscape a boat on the River in Chongqing, China - 2019
surrounded: woman on bridges Chongqing, China - 2019
surrounded: front of a house in Chongqing, China - 2019